Revolutionary Times

Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer

Even prior to 1848 Heilbronn was considered a hotspot of “rebellious activity”. The 1846 gymnastics festival not only brought young gymnasts to the city, but also took the quest for more freedom into a broader public discourse.

A public gathering held in March 1848 called for the freedom of the press and assembly. The city’s mayor, Heinrich Titot, and several city councillors were forced to stand down and a civil guard was set up to maintain quiet and order.

A mutiny by Württemberg troops in the city was quelled in June 1848. However, in the spring of 1849 riots erupted again. Finally, in June 1849 parts of the Heilbronn civil guard rushed to the aid of the Baden revolutionaries. Württemberg soldiers ended the revolution in Heilbronn on 13 and 14 June 1849.

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